Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hey good-looking!


I have a theory that everyone gets to be good-looking at some point in their life.  I mean, attitude and inner beauty are definitely important, but I really do believe that everyone will have a point in life where they are physically attractive people.  Granted, that point could be when someone is 6 months old. And, some people stay attractive for many years.  We all know people who are just pretty, no matter how old or young they are.  (I'm talking about you, Tina.)


The flip side is that most people will have an unattractive period as well.  Granted, sometimes I want to shake the celebrities who say, "Oh, I was soooo ugly in seventh grade," and then they show a picture of a slightly awkward 13-year-old.  Really?  Because if you want to see ugly in seventh grade, I have much better photos.


Life and Facebook have proven my theory to be true, at least some of the time.  How many times have you looked at a photo of a high school friend and said, "Wow.  What a nice-looking guy. He sure didn't look like that 20 years ago."  Facial features that didn't work at 18 look just fine on a 44-year-old face.  Conversely, fresh-faced good looks don't always maintain their freshness after 20 years of sun exposure, frowning and a little too much junk food. 


The best part about my theory is that the older we get, the more attractive we are just by living well.  I know a guy in his 60s who is always smiling.  Even when he's not smiling, he's smiling.  I'll bet he smiles in his sleep.  When you see him, you smile, because he's smiling.  You can tell who's spent most of their adult life smiling and those who were frowning.  You can tell who's living life without regrets, because you can read it on their faces.


So smile. And live well. With no regrets. You're gorgeous.


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